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Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your site through organic search results. An organic search result is when the customer does not know what brand he is looking for. He is looking for a particular product or service though. For instance, if you look for the “best seo agency in Pune”; you will see a large number of results of which there will be quite a few search engine optimization agencies in Pune including CodePlateau. Now chances are you will prefer to pick an agency that ranks on the first page of Google. Your brain tells you that those are the best ones. It a subconscious signal that you receive. Similarly, when customers are looking for your product or service you will be benefitted by ranking higher on Google. This is what we do best here at CodePlateau, the best SEO Agency in India.

The benefit of hiring us as your web development and seo website design company is that we ensure that the technical aspects of your site are in top condition. There might be a lot of SEO marketing agencies out there but the service assurance that CodePlateau – SEO Agency in Pune, can provide will be hard to come by in any other agency. This SEO Company in Pune assures you of only the most Quality Search Engine Optimization Work. If you want your business to rank high on Google, if you want the experts in SEO, you have to give a shout out to CodePLateau. You can read more about our methods and practices below:

Take Your Business to the next level

SEO is nothing but making your website more user-friendly. Complementing it with suitable off page activities. Companies these days will use hundreds of marketing jargon to lure you. Top SEO Companies like CodePlateau know what those techniques are that makes the site user-friendly and is the other way of telling the Google bots, “Hey mate, we are here to help”. An SEO Agency has the primary job of ensuring that the google bots and your website are on the best of terms to avoid penalties, and move to the top of page one on Google naturally. We ensure to use only white hat SEO practices and no Black Hat SEO Solutions to ensure that your company ranks high and ranks well.

Analyse target audience and the website

We first study your target audience, their preferences, an objective of the website, a goal of the business. We also do website analysis. Based on these inputs through informed decision-making, a suitable solution is proposed including site changes and keyword selection to get more relevant users on the site and boost the conversion rate and sales.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

On page, optimization includes building a standard user-friendly website with recommended Google guidelines which includes suitable tags, keywords, sitemaps and most importantly the content. Off-page optimization is nothing but building complementing links to the website through blogs, social media sites and through other relevant sites. The coherent result of page SEO and off page SEO optimization helps appear your website higher the order in search engine result pages.


Since SEO effectiveness depends on multiple factors, it is better to do it in a highly planned way. Let’s understand how we do it here at CodePlateau.


Finalizing the Keyword for each of the webpages for which we want it to compete against other web pages on the internet. This is done considering Weightage of the keyword and frequency of the keyword being searched


All Google recommended guidelines are implemented which majorly include the addition of Keywords, Tags, Sitemaps, easy navigation etc. Then hygiene factors such as page load speed and mobile compatibility is worked upon


This is part of off page SEO and it includes increasing and improving the quality inbound links to the webpages and Increasing social media presence.


SEO is a continuous process and we exactly do that, monthly results are analysed and optimised based on inputs. Parallel process of Inbound link building is worked upon simultaneously .

Why SEO is Beneficial to Your Business?

Effective strategy

Keywords and phrases if Choosen smartly can really do wonders to your sales and lead generation

Cheaper Marketing Campaigns

Highly optimized website will surely increase genuine leads of your business

Ranking Importance

Increasing reliance of Users on search engine is what makes SEO very important

Bring Visitors

SEO increases organic site visitors which in turn increases your page rank in terms of ranking