Client Background

UniFx is a well-known brand as online trading platform which deals with multiple commodities in Afghanistan. Not only into merchandises but also deals with the foreign currencies all through the online platform. The highlights of UniFx are superior trading platforms, customized trading accounts and professional client support.


The Challenge

UniFx owned a website which was limited to the local areas of Afghanistan. They wanted to expand their limits to acquire a name among the best brands around the world. To be available around any country they need an multi lingual adaptable website which changes automatically by detecting the location. The requirement also included a full fledge CRM which would match the large number of customers on the website at the same time.

The Solution

Team of CodePlateau developers incorporated two different technologies to develop a website for UniFx. They used the latest version of Laravel framework accompanying the MySQL to handle the large number of customers using it from different locations of the world at a same time. For the compatibility of Multilingual site, developer integrated different translator API of the Google Language.

The Result

As the result of latest versions of platforms and combined technologies made the website compatible handle the loads of people with local language detection. The responsive speed of the website also increased rapidly which encouraged to the addition of Live Quotes on the website itself which updates instantly. Also UniFx has one of the best CRM which co ordinated with the customers instantly around the globe.