Sudo Education

launch website

Client Background

Sudo Edu is one of the most premier online tutoring platforms in China. Students have access to tens of thousands of tutors available online to help them with their course material, and online tutors have a steady stream of students and income. They needed a new website and approached CodePlateau for the task because of good references from Cert First, a similar company that CodePlateau had previously done work for.


The Challenge

Sudo Edu had grown  tremendously in a short space of time. Online tutoring had become really popular in China with the scope of competition intense and people looking for every advantage by hiring tutors from all over the world. CodePlateaus major challenges when working with the Sudo Edu website was to make their back end really quick and strong. While they had to be able to build schedules, match students with their respective teachers, provide easy access to all the information easily to the students they also had to ensure that the site was capable of withstanding a lot of simultaneous traffic. At any given time there were would be thousands of students and teachers online.

The Solution

WordPress would be a really good platform to build a website which would be quick yet handle the complexity of functions required by the Sudo Edu team. A lot of additional jsquery, and css coding was required to implement the necessary tasks. CodePlateaus expertise in WordPress Website Development in Pune really came in handy during the crucial phases of the project.

The Result

There was a smooth migration of the database from the old site to the new. Several new functionalities were added to the site which were previously not available to the students. Students were able to pick tutors based on hundreds of reviews that were available on Sudo Edu ensuring that only the best tutors got the best students. The WordPress site development was a massive success for the clients.