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Client Background

Laundryness defines itself very well that it’s an laundry service providding mobile application. The client have entered into the digital world holding the updated and simplest way with a perspective to match the most busy routine of every other person.


The Challenge

People nowadays are very short patience, waiting for them is not an option. To overcome this situation main motive behind the client was to make an such a mobile application which is at the simplest form, operational wise. Also it should not have a mixture of all the services and minimal requirement list to complete the order process

The Solution

To fullfill all the essential points of the client, team of CodePlateau mobile app developers gave the app the most unique design with the minimal steps and distinguishing slots for all of them. The unique point of the this app is that, user can choose and cutomize the pick up date and location according to his convience.

The Result

As the app has been built with the latest technology and in combination with a CRM as ita backend to give the customer a hassel free service. Customer are loving the most attractive looks with a well define section of each and every category.