Grofire Reviews

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Client Background

GroFire ia an one of its kind tool which was an outcome idea by Aaron and James, with a though of gaining the reviews from the customers who have been experienced or used the services or products. The major platform of acquiring the review where the social media’s, business directories and many more. Grofire is basically located in Utah and mainly into the customized website designing and development and help their clients to stand out of the queue. It has also mastered in the mobile compatible website which eventually drives more traffic to the clients.


The Challenge

The major challenge for Grofire was to generate the reviews from the customers who have used the products or experience any services. The main obstacle was pursuing reviews from the customers which are satisfied with the service or product. People with bad experience are the one who review the services on priority basis on available platform. So main focus was on the satisfied customers.

The Solution

For Grofire, CodePlateau team came up with a solution of an tool which delivers the customized messages to the customers. Ths tool was been created using technologies like Codinator and Bootstarp. Also to match with an mobile handy world, the website is created with the criteria of responsive; topped up with sutelinks API and SMS integration.

The Result

There was a huge response to the Grofire tool within small time period. This tools send customized messages to the customer including the rating with the review section consisting of the major platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp etc. This list can be changed according to the needs if the service provider like own website, local listing etc. This message can be sent to the customers via text and or email. This tool proved to be very helpful to the business owners by increasing their reviews in different serach engines and increasing graph in their revenue.