Fan Fair

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Client Background

Fan Fair was a mobile app developed by the with a unique concept of sharing an artwork by multiple artist on a single platform. This app showcases the artwork and also help them to form a community within. Fun Fair basically acts as a social media to the artist group and help them grow. The mission of the app is to “Connect-Share-Grow”.


The Challenge

Fun Fair client wanted a fully equipped mobile app which can help the artist to grow through this app which would act as a social media to them. The app should be fast enough to carry the load of the artworks which would be uploaded by the artist.

The Solution

The Android team of CodePlateau developed an Android app as per the requirement of the clients regarding the artist perspective. Also, the team added some extra features which would also allow the musicians and the photographers to showcase their work like audio clips and photographs.

The Result

The response for the Fun fair was app was very good after the launch of it on the Playstore. Many of the artist have being engaged with the app and started displaying their work. Also, many of the communities was build within the short period time. The client of Fun Fair was totally satisfied with the aa quality and the response received by the customers after the launch.