Easy Prescribe

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Client Background

Easy Prescribe is an app designed with a moto, by CodePlateau to provide a helping hand to the doctors. This app is specifically dedicated to the medical industry mainly concern about the prescriptions. With this app, doctors can easily store the history of the patient including medicines.


The Challenge

The major challenge about the app is to solve the issues which doctors are facing during their practice. The crucial part consists of the time required by the doctors to write a prescription to every individual. Also, this hand-written prescription leads to the bulky paperwork and its management. As this paper cannot be ignored as it consists of important personal details like age, weight etc., also the medicines prescribed earlier.

The Solution

There are many obstacles which are faced by doctors in daily routine. To overcome this situation, an expert team of Android developers from CodePlateau has come up with a solution of Easy Prescribe. This app brings the huge paperwork to no paperwork system. Doctors just need to add the details of the patient once in the app and then track it anytime and anywhere. The main feature of the app lies in the customization of the medicine list according to the needs.

The Result

There are quite significant changes observed after using the Easy Prescribe app. The time consumed for each has been reduced which is certainly leading to attend more patient is lesser time as compared to the time without the app. The main difference is recognized in the data management of the records of each person details and which is accessible on the fingertips.