Direct To Karma

launch website

Client Background

Direct to Karma is an initiative from an organization called Urmila Krishna Happiness Foundation. This is an NGO whose main motive is to spread JOY and HAPPINESS of sharing Knowledge, Time and Celebrate moments of life. This NGO is based is Kharadi area of Pune and encourage youth for to contribute to the underprivileged people.


The Challenge

Direct to Karma was a newly settled and wanted be recognized so they can aware the people about the initiatives taken by them for the betterment of the society. They were looking for the contribution from the people and specially the youth in terms of time, funds, products etc.

The Solution

Website Development team of CodePlateau developed a website in Laravel technology for the reliability and easy understanding of the common people visiting it. They also added the payment gateway feature for the contributions of the people funding and for the payments of one day visit in the nearby NGO’s.

The Result

The main moto for the development of the website was achieved within the short duration of time. Many people become aware about the initiative of Direct To Karma which was proposed by Urmila Krishan Happiness Foundation.