Digital Bakery

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Client Background

Digital Bakery is based out Manila Philippines and helps companies to set up their offshore development offices in the Manila and other major cities of the country. They also arrange frequent events for software companies for promotion of products and services


The Challenge

Earlier the number of people attending the events used to be few hundred but since last few months they were getting huge response and attendance count used to go beyond 1000 and sometimes even 1500. Now authenticating these many people manually during short entry period was very hectic. Dozens of support people used to be there for accommodating huge flow in rush hour. More over they also had Raffle system in place for which their Sales team used to sale tickets to viewers and manage that data manually.

The Solution

The website and mobile app development team at CodePlateau in Pune, India suggested a Laravel backend system along with Android application. The backend system will serve the purpose of ticket selling and drawing the raffle winners in the end. And the native android application built by the mobile app development team of CodePlateau, now takes care of User authentication and Raffle tickets data entry using its barcode scanner. Complete system is now made automated and hassle free

The Result

1)The number of people that needed at entry gate reduced drastically
2) People need not wait in long queues since authentication now needed hardly few seconds
3) Raffle selling process is now automated and Sales team doesn’t need to maintain this data in hand written notes