André Daus

launch website

Client Background

A serial entrepreneur Andre’s organization helps other businesses plan their strategy and also execute them. He already had a website but it was built on old technology. Andre wanted the help of CodePlateau to design and develop a new website from scratch which would entice new customers for his business as well as continue to provide relevant information for the existing ones.


The Challenge

Migrating the data from the old website without losing the search visibility and rankings was a major challenge when taking on this web development in Pune. Andre also had very clear instructions to make the website look as modern as possible while keeping the core of his brand the same.

The Solution

CodePlateau first thought was to design a beautiful website based on WordPress. It would provide them and the customer with a lot of customization options. CodePlateau also wanted to work with a mobile responsive theme and suggested the same to the client. Before the WordPress development in Pune could get underway CodePlateau had a lot of thorough discussions with the client to ensure that we truly understand the essence of the client’s needs.

The Result

  1. A beautiful website was designed that was loved by the client
  2. Client’s web traffic was not affected as careful migration planning was undertaken by CodePlateau
  3. CodePlateau helped improve the customer’s search rankings by keeping in mind site SEO when designing and developing the site as a result of which
    1. Improvement of leads for the customer on the month-on-month basis
    2. Site visitors have increased drastically
    3. Customer has received lot of positive feedback about the aesthetics of the site