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What Is Application Maintenance?


In today’s modern world, technology updates in a shorter period anyone could have imagined in the last decade. Your business is completely dependent on Web and Mobile applications. Payment, logistics, application, and services all are co-related to each other. And all of these applications require some refresh for their betterment. Application maintenance appears to be a primary concern to get things going. Proper functioning of the service that many tech companies provide requires some type of course of action for nurture. But why? Why should you go for this major step since your application is going well?
That comprises a simple answer. A common conception is there that Software Application Maintenance is all about fixing bugs. However, it’s vast than this. A developer takes heavy care of the visual branding of your website. They manage Web/Android/iOS updates that your mobile app needs. Modifying a software system or application, work on software performances, monitoring lifetime as well as optimize up-time & downtime, all of these keywords are comprised of Application Maintenance.


Benefits Of Application Maintenance

This part directly connects to the previous part that we talked about. Maintenance regularly makes sure the application is secure from threats. At the same time, your applications become more extensible. It enables us to accommodate larger workloads linking to keeping consistent and acceptable levels of performance. It is also cost-saving to prevent any regular update on your website after getting crashed every time.
Your customer also plays a vital role in this reference. Improved response time, web page outlook and web presence, all of these get affected by a small pinch of Maintenance of your website and the application. Not only this, mobile applications have a vast majority of sectors covering it. So you get an overall usability of the service if you go for it. No legacy can go on forever. It is best to come up with an upgrade or update to keep it regularly followed by the outer world and that is where CodePlateau comes in.


How Codeplateau Came To The Top In

  • Working on how the application works with a pre-built library of software, our company gets a hold of what categorized glitches the app can get. Any malfunctioning of the apps directly affects the number of users and in the worst situation uninstalling the app and switch to another one. CodePlateau works on the weak areas by focusing on what the cause and helps you target your audience, rather than to rectify the problem and provide it to the client.
  • And that is why CodePlateau is one of the best in class which works at least prices and counted in best app developers in India. CodePlateau review applications online, testing apps, incorporating latest trends, Fixing bugs, timely monitoring applications, improving user interface and user experience, enhancing usability, feature extension, migrating apps to different platforms, quick response to queries security maintenance and support.
  • Working over with 113+ clients ranging from Grofire, Sengled, Wayhome, OTA, The Car Salon, Carriall and Cirt First, our list grew continuously over the past 3 years. We worked on numerous projects collecting rewards in the form of experience, skills, and trust of the client. CodePlateau is an independent customer experience agency with technology at its core. Here, we create impactful digital experiences for mobile applications and website development services which are driven by insight, strategy, design, and technology. Our main aim is to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation. We can develop a stable Android and iOS application for clients both in india and internationally.

Different Industries We serve

Mcommerce App

Mcommerce Apps

CodePlateau Technology offers professional and classy mcommerce android mobile apps.
We help the clients to convert the customers on the go via mobile apps.
So expand your reach from desktop version to the mobile version with your expert team.
Features of mCommerce apps

  • Access
  • Authorization
  • Dashboard
  • Sections
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment
  • Tracking
  • Customer Support
Utility Apps

Mcommerce Apps

The major requirement from any utility mobile by the customers its is easy navigation with high speed. But according to the survey, only 47% of utility companies have their own mobile apps, rest of them don’t. So to convert the users into customers, android utility mobile app can be proved as a helping hand.
Features of mCommerce apps

  • Location-based features
  • Push Notification
  • Smart Gestures
  • Smart Security
  • Wireless Control
Management Apps

Management Apps

Many people lack the quality of management specially when it comes to mange the finances. This opens the gates to the management mobile apps, as smartphones is another basic commodity which every person owes. Android management is one of the growing platform to invest in.
Features of Management Apps

  • Company Specific Apps
  • Individual Dashboard
  • Privacy
  • Password Security
  • Profile Management
Smart Apps

Smart Apps

What if an android mobile app provides alerts and also can buy products which matches the modern lifestyle? Yes, this is possible with Carriall. An company which provides stylish luggage with inbuilt security alert system. Mobile App development team have experienced the geo location tracking app with Carriall.
Features of Smart Apps

  • Location Tracking
  • Profile Management
  • Tracking Devices
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Profile Management


Let’s Work On Your Idea Together

How CodePlateau Work?

  • We work from three different perspectives. The discussion, development, and deployment. The first one’s name suggests itself. The discussion is a period where we get to know what our client needs. Major and important aspects of the mobile apps, both Android and iOS, are being discussed and understood.
  • The next level is upon us. Our developers outline the ideas that you asked for. Our developers discuss the development and functionality of the app which is followed by its designing. Personally assigned Project Manager to you, Non-Disclosure Agreement, and regular update of the process is what you can expect from us. If you wish to make any change at any point of time of procedure, you directly contact us and the respective changes will be made positive in the project.
  • Last stage: Deployment. The testing, the bug fixing and eradication of any harm from threats are done under multiple parameters to make the Mobile Application pass the level of approval. And it is not goodbye After the application has been delivered to the client, we take full responsibility for uploading the application to the appropriate app store with proper gateways. CodePlateau provides maintenance services until the final structure is fully functional and it tends to surface level of acceptableness.

frequently asked questions

What process are included in the maintenance?

Maintenances includes the bug tracking of the mobile app and then the analysis. Depending on that the suggestions and recommendations are given by the app experts.

Do CodePlateau provide any kind of code enhancement?

Yes, the team provides the code enhancement if required during any kind of process.

Do I need to reach any other company if I require any change in the template or in designing?

No you don’t have to go anywhere once you are at CodePlateau. We have a dedicated team of designer, developers and marketers under one roof.

Do CodePlateau provide the data migration service for my mobile app?

Yes, we have a team which handles the backup part for any data migration.

Can I switch or combine two different languages during the upgradation of the mobile app?

Yes, depending upon the requirements and need two different technologies or changing the technology can also be done.




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